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The Challenge

190 mountains. 500 miles. 33 days.
150,000 feet of ascent.
Raising money for Mountain Rescue

On Sunday 29th July 2018, Matthew Myerscough and Michael Murray will set off on an epic fundraising adventure to climb all 190 Welsh mountains which reach the height of 2,000 feet.  Their continuous coast to coast traverse across the roof of Wales will take them from Swansea to Conwy via every mountain top in just 33 days.    

Their only rule is that they must walk every step of the way. They will carry lightweight equipment to wild camp in the mountains and will replenish their supplies at key checkpoints. 

If successful, Matthew and Michael will set a record for the fastest ascent of the 190 Welsh 2,000 foot mountains, and will become the second team to have ever completed a continuous traverse across the dragon's back.

Full Route.png
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